Building upon the Wellston High School (WHS) Art Club’s mural project, which is nearing completion at the now vacant lot that once housed the Post Office Café on Ohio Avenue in downtown Wellston, the Lions Club recently pitched an idea to Council that would breathe even more new life into the space, in the form of a Memorial Park. 

Wellston Lions Club President Scott Coffman was joined by WHS art instructor Jacob Dawkins and WHS Art Club President Grace Plummer for the Thursday night, June 3 meeting of Wellston City Council in order to seek the group’s permission to make the Lions Club Memorial Park a reality. Coffman explained that he had first approached Mayor Charlie Hudson about three months prior to discuss the possibility of acquiring some land in the downtown area for such a park. He said the mayor suggested using the former site of the Post Office Café at the corner of Broadway Street and Ohio Avenue.  

In addition to the large painted mural, Coffman said the park would likewise include a bench, picnic table, plaque, trees and/or shrubs.

“We haven’t discussed the particulars, but if you approve, it will become the Wellston Lions Club Memorial Park, and as long as I’m living and standing, we’ll take care of it,” Coffman said. “The grass, maintenance, picking up trash, and so on.”

Dawkins, a new Wellston community member, wished to express his gratitude for the support he and his students have received thus far in this endeavor. He explained that painting had already begun on the mural, stating further that he expected the project to be complete by the coming weekend (Saturday or Sunday, June 5 and 6). Currently, Dawkins said the Art Club does not have plans to paint any additional murals in the city but said that may be a possibility moving forward.

Plummer told Council that the WHS Art Club has approximately 37 members, all of whom are quite excited about the mural project. 

“I’m also very excited to hear about the Lions Club project,” she added. “The greenspace would be a great place for the community to spend time, it provides beautification, it’s near Pride Park and we think it would be a great addition to the town.”

Mayor Hudson stated he chose the old Post Office Café lot because he did not foresee anyone building anything new at the site. He commended the Art Club for the mural and said he hopes it is the first of many, and he likewise praised the Lions Club, agreeing with the notion that the lot would be best suited as a Memorial Park.

“The Lions Club has always been sort of a cornerstone in the city,” he stated.

At the end of the discussion, Mayor Hudson said he would ask Law Director Randy Dupree to draft legislation allowing the Lions Club to use and maintain the lot in question. He further explained that the city would retain ownership of the land and that no lease would be necessary.