Members of the Wellston City Schools Board of Education collectively chose committee and special appointments during the first meeting of 2022, held Monday night, Jan. 10. The appointments are as follows: The legislative liaison to the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) will be Terry Gill; members of the Curriculum Committee will be Betty Jenkins and Terry Gill; members of the Finance Committee will be John Jackson and Brian Kilgour; members of the Extra-Curricular Committee Brian Kilgour and Roger Rader; members of the Board Policy Committee will be Betty Jenkins and Brian Kilgour; the Student Achievement Liaison will be Terry Gill; Hall of Fame Committee members will be Brian Kilgour and Roger Rader; the Insurance Committee member will be Terry Gill; and Terry Gill will be the district’s delegate to the annual OSBA business meeting, with Betty Jenkins serving as the alternate delegate. Members were also honored by Interim Superintendent Mary Ann Hale during the meeting, when she read a proclamation for School Board Recognition Month, with is observed throughout January. “Serving on a school board requires an unselfish devotion of time and services to carry on the mission and business of the school district,” Hale stated. “I encourage all citizens to publicly and privately thank the school board members for serving this community and for their dedicated service to our children.” Pictured (from left) are Roger Rader, Terry Gill, Betty Jenkins, Brian Kilgour and John Jackson.