Wellston Police Department (WPD) Chief John Robinson recently provided members of Wellston City Council with an activity summary for his department during the month of May. This report was made available during the Thursday, June 3 meeting. 

The report states that a total of 413 calls were generated by dispatch in May, 389 of which were handled by patrolling officers. Further, it states that 68 arrests were made, or summons/citations were issued; there were 11 traffic-crash investigations with 11 reports prepared; there were 60 traffic stops; 80 police reports were prepared; nine vehicles were placed in the city’s impound lot; there were 12 calls for vehicle lockouts; 56 calls for service were made reporting a suspicious vehicle, suspicious person or both; there were 18 alarm calls; and 11 well-being checks were performed for residents. 

Of the 68 arrests and/or citations, 22 were for misdemeanor-level warrants, two were arrests for misdemeanor drug-related offenses, four were misdemeanor traffic citations, four arrests were for assault/domestic violence, there were two arrests each for trespassing and theft, there were eight arrests/citations for driving under suspension/no operator’s license, and there was one arrest each for obstructing official business and endangering children. Also, 22 of the arrests were for felony-level offenses, including seven for possession of controlled substances, five for warrants, four for trafficking in drugs, two were for receiving stolen property, and there was one arrest each for failure to comply with the signal/order of a police officer, domestic violence, theft and improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle. 

During the month of May, WPD officers answered a total of 11 calls for service involving prisoners. The report states officers drove 1,525 miles and spent close to 34 hours on prisoners and transports, including trips to the Jackson County Correctional Facility, the Monroe County Jail, the Middleport Jail, the Morrow County Jail, the South-Central Ohio Regional Juvenile Detention Center and Holzer Medical Center-Jackson (HMC-J). Chief Robinson states officers spent over six hours sitting at HMC-J with prisoners throughout the month.

Chief Robinson also told Council members that a total of five individuals had applied to take the Civil Service Exam, which was administered Saturday, June 5 at 10 a.m. for the position of full-time WPD officer.