When local residents and visitors visit Jackson’s sprawling Fairmount Cemetery over the Memorial Day weekend to pay their respects to their departed loved ones, they will likely notice the many new American flags which mark the graves of the hundreds of veterans who are buried there. As is the case each year, the flags were supplied by the Jackson County Veterans Commission, but it’s up to others to actually place them in the cemeteries. This year at Fairmount Cemetery, that huge task was handled by two Jackson area women who actually volunteered for the mammoth project -- Judy Tidd and Shelba Harless. Jackson Cemetery Foreman Ed Henderson sought the outside help and was very grateful for it as the reduced cemetery staff was extremely busy getting the grounds ready for the Memorial Day holiday. Placing the flags, replacing some of the markers and straightening the rods may not seem like a major task, but one must consider that the cemetery covers 105 acres and involves the graves of 1,500 veterans. As it turned out, the two friends got the job done over a two-week period while working several hours each day.  Both women were more than willing to help out and felt it was a way they could show respect for the military service and sacrifices of the veterans. Pictured in the top photo (from the left) are: Shelba Harless, cemetery laborer Jeff Dalton, Judy Tidd, and Cemetery Foreman Ed Henderson. Mrs. Harless is shown in the lower photo placing one of the final flags on Soldiers’ Circle at the cemetery. (Telegram Photos by Pete Wilson)