The Oak Hill Police Department and Village Council are looking at adding security improvements for the vehicle impound lot. The issue was addressed at council’s regular meeting on Tuesday evening, May 12.

Police Chief David P. Ward brought council members a proposal to mount eight cameras to the main building and add up to four spotlights that would ensure the lot would be lit from dusk to dawn. Ward said the estimates for the camera package will cost approximately $3,500.

Council members asked if the camera would just provide a shadow image or a full-body shot and Ward said the village would have the full-body image of trespassers or thieves. Mayor Paul McNeal stated he wanted to see if the village could angle the lights in a way where they would only need two. He stated if two lights will do the job he would rather go that way, but the most important factor is that the entire lot be lit at night. Council is expected to make a decision soon and is looking for other pricing before members make a decision.

Fiscal Officer Susan King pointed out the fines and forfeiture money can be used to pay for part of the upgrade since the impound lot is part of the criminal process.

Chief Ward also pointed out the village is having success selling used vehicles on the website as some cars and a motorcycle were recently sold. One of the vehicles was sold out of state and the other was sold in the Dayton area. Ward noted the village is getting a better price online than it does in an auction because of the wider audience.

In other news from the May 12 meeting, King told council that the village-owned Margaret Ann Pool had a good year last year and that village officials are hoping for a good season this summer. Council also plans to make improvements to the pool.

Council President Jennifer Hughes explained the village is appreciative of the recreation levy which was passed by the voters and she feels the village should invest in the pool. She is hoping to get new lights put up to increase pool party revenue and to allow for nighttime activities. An opening date for the 2020 season is under consideration and will be announced soon.