The Oak Hill Union Local School District has announced that a Remote Learning Practice Day will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 15. A COVID-19 update will also be provided at this time.

Last year, the schools of Oak Hill built their academic calendar for 2021 and added three remote learning practice days – one day each for September, October and November. The reasoning behind this was that these days could potentially be used for school closures such as inclement weather, flu or the threat of COVID-19 exposure.

Currently, the Oak Hill Schools are not considering a shift to remote learning due to COVID-19. The district has been doing well when considering COVID-related absences. Only four positive cases in the whole school year so far (high school) have been reported, and only 10 additional students have been quarantined; these were due to direct contact with COVID-19 carriers outside of the school setting. No immediate spread has been noticed or foreseen in their schools. COVID-19 precautions continue to be taken, and masks are encouraged, though they remain optional.

The Oak Hill School District will continue to post monthly COVID-19 data summaries on their website and on their Facebook page, as was the practice during last year.