The Oak Hill Village Council discussed many proposals when councilmen met on Tuesday, evening, July 28. Among the issues Council discussed is updating the employee and police department handbooks.

Mayor Paul McNeal and Council President Jennifer Hughes noted that the handbooks are old and often do not include changes Council has made throughout the years. Councilmen think issues such as holiday pay, interim position pay, part-time positions, and other accounting issues need to be included in the handbooks and rewritten in clear form.

Until the new policies are made, Council did agree to adjust the pay of Sgt. Scott Hughes while he is filling in for Chief David P. Ward who is on a short medical leave. Hughes will be compensated for some extra call-out and on-call hours until the chief returns.

In other issues aired at the July 28 meeting, Council:

* Was informed by Mayor McNeal that some major work has been completed on the backup garbage truck. The truck is running fine and is used by the village on Fridays and for several other projects.

* Learned from the Mayor that the Margaret Ann Pool has done well this summer and crowds have been good. The pool is coming up on the season’s end. Mayor McNeal would like to take a long look at the pool and consider possible improvements and changes.

* Heard from Council President Hughes that the Village Yard Sale will be held Saturday, Aug. 1, all day long. (The veal fry planned by the Festival of Flags, in conjunction with the event, has been canceled.) Hughes said that the Village Yard Sale is not to be confused with the Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Amish Showcase, set for Saturday, Sept. 5.

* Heard from Mayor McNeal that the village will fix some potholes near the fire station on Front Street, even though they are actually on State Route 93 since they are busting up the sidewalks.

* Heard from Mayor McNeal that the tree-cutting work near the Welsh-American Heritage Museum will begin soon. The village is cutting down some trees as they are considered to be a public hazard.

* Learned that the Oak Hill Board of Public Affairs is putting in a new meter to better monitor water use.

* Learned that Village Fiscal Officer Susan King will be meeting with Oak Hill Local Union School District Treasurer Rhonda Harrison to discuss the School Resource Officer positions for the upcoming school year.

The Oak Hill Village Council is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 6:30 p.m.