The Oak Hill Village Council hired attorney Joe Kirby to serve as the new Village Solicitor when meeting Tuesday night, Oct. 13. Kirby will be replacing Aaron Michael who held the position for the past seven years. Kirby will be paid $600 a month for regular services. It could be more for unusual situations such as a lawsuit or other issue where longer hours must be spent.

Kirby comes to the village with a track record spanning nearly 30 years.  He has been practicing law since 1991 and is a graduate of Miami University and the University of Toledo, College of Law. 

Kirby also is the legal counsel for the City of Jackson and the Village of Coalton. He provides legal counsel on a variety of municipal issues, including finances, employment relations and litigation. He will also be working with Mayor Paul McNeal, Fiscal Officer Susan King and Police Chief David P. Ward.

Kirby thanked Council for the opportunity. He told Council he could attend at least one meeting a month and be available when needed.  Mayor Paul McNeal welcomed him aboard and is looking forward to a good working relationship.

McNeal is glad the village was able to find an experienced person to advise the village on legal matters.