One of the topics addressed by Wellston Mayor Charlie Hudson during the first City Council meeting of 2021 was that of sewer rates for those residents receiving service through the City outside of the Wellston corporation limits.

Mayor Hudson told Council members during the Jan. 7 meeting that the City charges a premium for water service to customers living outside the corporation limits that is 50 percent over what folks living inside the corporation limits pay. However, he said the rates for sewage collection are the same regardless of where residents live.

“We collect sewage from everything on old State Route 124, from Superior Hardwoods to Four Winds,” Mayor Hudson explained, “and we’re charging them the same rate for that as in-city customers.”

Of the City’s 11 total lift stations, he said three are used specifically for these customers living outside the city limits. Further, Mayor Hudson said these three lift stations would not be maintained by the City if not for these customers. He added that the booster pumps at these lift stations are in need of upgrades, which could carry a price tag of between $13,000 and $15,000 apiece.

Later this year, Mayor Hudson said he is going to ask Council to examine the possibility of implementing a sewage-collection premium akin to the one already in place for out-of-city water customers.

“At one time, they had their own sewage collection system out there, but someone with the county, at some point, negotiated with the City to take that on,” he explained. “They didn’t implement any sort of additional fee, and I think that’s long overdue.”

The Telegram will provide additional information on this matter as it develops.