Over the 4th of July weekend, the pressure of high gasoline prices was further lessened on Ohio motorists -- a small comfort to the areas that charge well above the statewide and national averages.

As of 8:35 a.m. on Tuesday, July 5, the average price per gallon of gas in Ohio was $4.72.9, while the national average was $4.77.9. Comparatively, the average price in Jackson County was $4.83.2 per gallon, while the average price found in Vinton County was $4.72.8. Meanwhile, in the nearby counties of Ross, Pickaway and Hocking, gas prices averaged $4.54.3, $4.49.5, and $4.41.9, in respective order.

As per the previous update reported in The Telegram (Monday, June 27), prices in Jackson County were ranging from $4.92 to $5.15 per gallon, while almost all gas stations in Vinton County reported pump prices of $4.99.

The top five Ohio counties with the highest average gasoline prices per gallon are Athens: $5; Washington: $4.911; Hamilton: $4.90; Ashland: $4.87.2; and Fairfield: $4.87. The lowest countywide average in Ohio belongs to Hocking County with the price of $4.41.9.

Though the country has seen a noticeable decrease in exorbitant fuel costs, many experts foresee potential trouble on the economical horizon. Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, worries that the Independence Day weekend and associated travel may halt this trickling decline.

“As expected, and for the third straight week, average gasoline prices have fallen to their lowest level in over a month. The price of wholesale gasoline has plummeted, providing price relief as millions of Americans hit the road for the holiday weekend," said De Haan. "While we may see prices decline into this week, the drop could fade soon if oil prices reverse, especially with strong demand over the holiday. For the time being, Americans are spending nearly $100 million per day less on gasoline than when prices peaked a few weeks ago, and that's well-needed relief at a time when gas prices remain near records."

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