Jackson County set a new one-day record on Thursday, Oct. 15, for the number of new COVID-19 cases reported. The Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) reported 16 new cases, which is one more than the previous one-day record of 15, which occurred on Aug. 23.

The influx of new cases also increased the number of current active cases in Jackson County to 66, which is also a record number, according to past information from JCHD. The number of current active cases jumped from the 54 active cases reported just one day earlier on Wednesday, Oct. 14. There have now been 99 new cases reported in the last 13 days in the county.

Since the first local case was reported on April 7, Jackson County’s updated grand total now stands at 373 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 12 probable cases. There are also seven persons who are currently hospitalized. There has been a total of six COVID-19-related deaths in the county, but none since Sept. 24.

Also on Thursday Oct. 15, the Vinton County Health Department (VCHD) had two separate reports on new COVID-19 cases in the county. The first report reported two new lab confirmed COVID-19 positives and one probable case. The second report, which came just an hour later on Thursday, reported four new probable cases. VCHD states that the close contacts are being identified and given quarantine instructions.

In its latest summary report, VCHD is now reporting 23 active cases and four cases involving current hospitalizations. Since the first two local cases were reported on April 25 in Vinton County, there has been a grand total of 72 confirmed cases and nine probable cases. Also, there has been a total of three COVID-19-related deaths in the county.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) also released its weekly updated report on COVID-19 cases in the school and long-term care facilities.

As for the local schools in Jackson County and Vinton County, ODH listed the following statistics as of Thursday, Oct. 14:

Jackson City School District – 1 current student case, 9 cumulative student cases, 1 current staff case and 5 cumulative staff cases.

Wellston City School District – 3 current student cases, 5 cumulative student cases, 0 current or cumulative staff cases.

Oak Hill Union Local School District – 0 current student cases, 2 cumulative student cases, 1 current staff case and 1 cumulative staff case.

Vinton County Local School District – 1 current student case, 1 cumulative student case, 0 current staff cases and 2 cumulative staff cases.

Jackson County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Hope Haven School) – 0 current and cumulative student cases, 1 current staff case and 1 cumulative staff case.

The following local schools have reported no current or cumulative student or staff cases: Christian Life Academy, East Tenth Street Academy, Sts. Peter and Paul School, and Truth Christian School.

As for local long-term care facilities, the news is good as there have been no new cases during the last week. The Oakwood Community Health Center in Jackson County had 0 new resident or staff cases, but has had 45 cumulative resident cases and 21 cumulative staff cases. In Vinton County, Maple Hills Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation has 1 current staff cases and has had 2 cumulative staff cases, but 0 current and 0 cumulative resident cases. Also in Vinton County, Hamden Nursing and Rehabilitation has had 1 staff cumulative case, but 0 current staff cases as well 0 current and 0 cumulative resident cases.

The latest ODH statistics on long-term care facilities was released on Wednesday, Oct. 14.