The following marriages were processed in Jackson County Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division in the period covering May 3, 2021 to June 1, 2021:

Michael A. Lockard, 32, Jackson, disabled; and Latisha M. Williams, 29, Jackson, Lock and Load Outfitters.

Kamau C. Nembhard, 37, San Antonio, Texas, Air Force; and Kayce E. Crisp, 28, San Antonio, Texas, Air Force.

Randy L. Folden, 54, Jackson, mason; and Terri L. Henderson, 58, Jackson, security guard.

Glen E. Marcum, 54, Oak Hill, foreman; and Rhonda S. Derksen, 54, Oak Hill, medical coder.

Tyler Boggs, 37, Pedro, corrections officer; and Mary N. Wineka, 37, Pedro, insurance.

Casey S. McGlaughlin, 27, Wellston, freight handler; and Tabitha N. Benitez, 28, Wellston, homemaker.

Alex-Shae Kisor, 26, Jackson, Superior Hardwoods; and Kimberly C. Cain, 24, Jackson, Jackson City Schools.

Paul C. Humphreys, 46, Ray, electrician; and Margarette T. Ross, 44, Ray, marketing director.

Shawn Morgan, 45, Ironton, mortgage underwriter; and Marjorie D. Owens, 37, Ironton, manager.

Wendi Kozma, 48, Oak Hill, instructor at Marshall University; and Tracy A. Osborne, 50, Oak Hill, cashier.

Ira W. Bryan, Jr., 55, Wellston, maintenance; and Paulette R. Johnson, 48, Wellston, hairdresser.

Brandon E. Gilliland, 26, Wellston, supervisor; and Mikayla R. Burton, 22, Wellston, registered nurse.

Austin B. Potts, 21, Oak Hill, machine operator; and Rebecca N. Bailey, 26, Oak Hill, deputy clerk.

Austin J. Dean, 20, Jackson, US Army; and Toree A. Kisor, 21, Oak Hill, student.

Dakota J. Price, 22, Wellston, laborer; and Kameron R. Martin, 19, Jackson, student.

Bret T. Lanane, 33, Wellston, CDL driver; and Kris Darst, 32, Wellston, machine operator.

Raymond Perry, 37, Jackson, unemployed; and Jaimie McCown, 34, Jackson, RN.

Michael D. Rouse II, 41, Jackson, AOD counselor; and Kara J. Riley, 39, Jackson, sales.

Joshua D. Ackley, 39, Wellston, contractor; and Sarah B. Simpson, 29, Wellston, dispatcher.

Caden C. O’Boyle, 21, Jackson, ASAF (military); and Jenna D. Rechelluul, 21, Jackson, student.

Matthew S. Smith, 33, Jackson, GM; and Chanel N. Dennison, 33, Jackson, lead.

Minor B. Leach, Jr., 44, Wellston, union laborer; and Amanda Ousley, 43, Jackson, nurse.

Eli Barr, 24, Jackson, laborer; and Caitlin Hale, 26, Jackson, Jackson County Auditor’s Office.