Jackson City Council conducted its final meeting of 2020 on Monday, Dec. 28 with the following developments:

-- Responding to a question from Councilman John Peters, Mayor Randy Evans stated the administration was advertising for applicants to fill the newly created position of Executive Assistant of Project Management. Council approved the non-union position as part of the administration’s reorganization plan for supervisory positions. Evans had left the position unfilled, pending the passage of the city income tax issue. Evans also announced that Fairmount Cemetery Foreman Ed Henderson would be retiring in January.

--   At-Large Councilman Dan Coll, who was completing his first year on Council, remarked the year had gone by very quickly, then praised the leadership and performance of Mayor Evans in his first year and added more good things would have been done if the city had more money to work with.

-- Council unanimously approved an emergency ordinance on the third reading accepting the proposal of Power System Engineering, Inc. to provide engineering services related to the circuit switcher upgrades at the Lick Substation at a cost not to exceed $120,000.

-- Council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance on the first reading to approve additional appropriations of $161,368.97 into the Local Coronavirus Relief Fund. This city has received this money from the federal CARES Act, which was passed to provide financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

-- Council unanimously passed an emergency resolution on the first reading to authorize the mayor or service director to file an application to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for funding which would be used to purchase equipment for the Jackson Fire Department. Councilman John Peters noted the immediate passage was necessary due to the application deadline of Jan. 31.

-- Councilman John Peters reminded city leaders that the city is legally responsible to prepare and produce an “Annual Report of the Municipal Corporation,” but observed the project may take some time and that COVID-19-related issues will delay the completion of this project.