Gillum Insurance has recently relocated to 228 Broadway St. in downtown Jackson out of the Office Commons building of 135 E. Huron St. in Jackson. In a Facebook post, business owner Jason Gillum layered praise on the Office Commons, stating that the building and its staff helped him reach a point where he could sustain Gillum Insurance, and went as far as to say that the business “would have folded years ago” if not for the staff. Gillum claims that the initial move to the Office Commons, when he started his business in 2013, was the best decision he had ever made, and prospective business owners would do well for themselves to imitate this action. “I just wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful facility this has been for me and my family for the last eight or nine years,” said Gillum in his post. Gillum also wished to thank Larry Kidd, Melissa Armstrong and Natalie Nicholson of the Office Commons for both their friendship and their assistance. He concluded by informing other business owners that the Commons building currently has space available for tenants and that this space is among, if not the, most affordable locations in the area. Gillum Insurance itself promises competitive, affordable rates for customers and unparalleled personal service, and provides all forms of insurance, such as home, auto and more. Here, Jason Gillum (left) is shown outside the new location for Gillum Insurance on Broadway Street in Jackson with his wife, Mindy Gillum (right) and son, Gibson Gillum (front).