Upon the completion of load ratings and road inspections, Jackson County Engineer Melissa Miller recently provided the Board of Commissioners with an updated list of posted weight limits for bridges on county and township roads. Additionally, she also provided the Commissioners with a new map of the county’s bridges and roadways.

During the Wednesday, Feb. 17 meeting, Engineer Miller offered the following list of posted weight limits for bridges located on county roads:

* CH&D (just north of County Rd. 7): 20 tons.

* Cherry Fork (bridge closest to Blakeman’s): 15 tons.

* Pattonsville (just west of State Route 327): 15 tons.

* Camba (near the Franklin Twp. building): 15 tons.

* Bronx Corner: 15 tons.

* Dixon Run: 15 tons.

* Glade Run (second bridge west of County Rd. 43): 15 tons.

* Lake Katharine (only bridge on road): 15, 16, 17, 18 and 29 tons.

As previously stated, Miller also provided a list of the posted weight limits for 31 bridges on township roads throughout the county.