The Simon Kenton Council and the Boy Scouts of America designated Wednesday, Jan. 19, as its third annual Day of Giving event.

Wellston area Scoutmaster Ryan Pelletier joined by his daughter and Scout member Rylan Pelletier, and South District Executive of the Simon Kenton Council, Edna Mae Berkey, appeared on Main Street TV on Tuesday, Jan. 18, to discuss the Day of Giving. The event is the annual fundraising event which aims to generate financial contributions for the Boy Scout program in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

The program is specifically designed to assist Scouts whose families may not be able to afford membership. According to the Simon Kenton Council, the cost of attendance for one year is $175. This year, the Simon Kenton Council hopes to raise enough to support 1,000 Scouts. For Berkey’s district, the goal is to financially support 300 Scouts. Each level of donation contributes to something greater in value.

The organization was able to raise $47,000 in 2020, nearly meeting its goal of $50,000, and then raised $192,505 in the year of 2021, greatly exceeding its goal of $175,000.

To the Pelletiers and Berkey, Scouting provides members with various skills that can greatly contribute to their development and life skills. As stated by Berkey, “You know, Boy Scouts have walked on the moon, they’ve sat in the Oval Office, they’ve ran the bases at major league stadiums, and we are very proud of those Scouts. But I am even prouder of the Scouts that are amazing parents, employees, and are in the community.”

Ryan Pelletier, who achieved the highest rank of Eagle Scout, reflected these sentiments by expressing his admiration for the various skillsets that the Scouts can provide young people. “[Boy Scouts of America] shaped who I am today,” stated Pelletier, “Without Scouts, I don’t know what I would do or what I would have become. It’s very important in our house.”

For those interested in supporting the Boy Scouts of America, individuals can donate to Day of Giving at or by calling (614) 436-7200. Additionally, more information can be found on the Scouts and the Simon Kenton Council on their dedicated Facebook page, @skcbsa.