(Editor’s Note: All information in this report is obtained from police narratives. All persons listed in this report are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.)


Domestic dispute results in citation for Jackson man

Date/Time: Wednesday, Dec. 15 at approximately 2:50 a.m.

Location: Triumph Street, Jackson.

Suspect: Joshua W. Yerian, 33, Triumph Street, Jackson.

Narrative: After arriving at the Triumph Street residence in reference to a domestic disturbance, a Jackson Police Department (JPD) officer reportedly spoke with a “very intoxicated” Yerian. He told the officer that he and his wife had been arguing because he “caught her talking to another male.” Though Yerian denied hitting or threatening his wife, he did admit to destroying property inside the home. Yerian’s wife, Apryl, explained she had been talking to a friend on Xbox when Joshua began “yelling and belittling her.” Apryl said Joshua took the headphones and threw them into the television, breaking both items. Joshua confirmed that statement, adding that he had consumed roughly 12 beers. He was taken into custody on a charge of disorderly conduct by intoxication (minor misdemeanor). He was held for six hours at the JPD station and was later released with a court summons.

Chillicothe woman charged with theft

Date/Time: Wednesday, Dec. 15 at approximately 2:07 p.m.

Location: Dollar General, 325 E. Main St., Jackson.

Suspect: Kimberly Dawn Carter, 31, South Mulberry Street, Chillicothe.

Victim: Dollar General, 325 E. Main St., Jackson.

Narrative: An officer with the JPD was dispatched to Dollar General after an employee reportedly witnessed Carter shoplift items. Though Carter fled the store on foot, she was soon located at the nearby Speedway gas station via surveillance cameras. The officer approached Carter in the parking lot of Monroe’s Collision when she allegedly stated, “Go ahead and search me because I didn’t steal anything.” She did eventually hand the officer a small security camera, which she initially said she had found on the floor of Dollar General. Carter then told the officer that she had stolen a pack of ink pens and a pack of stick-it notes. Another officer arrived soon after with the packaging for the pens and stick-it notes, which he had found on the ground at Speedway. Carter also later admitted to stealing the camera. Carter was issued a charge of theft (first-degree misdemeanor) and was released with a court summons.

Langsville man cited for drug-related offenses

Date/Time: Wednesday, Dec. 15 at approximately 7:10 p.m.

Location: Kroger, 530 E. Main St., Jackson.

Suspect: William Omer Writesel, 33, Will Vance Road, Langsville, OH.

Narrative: JPD officers were dispatched to Kroger in reference to an alleged overdose. The caller stated that a male was on the ground in front of the store’s pharmacy entrance. Once officers arrived, the male (Writesel) was inside the store. First observing him from a distance, officers state Writesel’s actions were consistent with those of someone intoxicated on methamphetamine. He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct by intoxication (minor misdemeanor). During a search of Writesel’s person, officers located a small bag and a folded piece of paper, both containing meth. Officers also found another bag containing a white powder in his backpack, as well as a glass pipe. Writesel told officers he had been in the store with another male, William T. Yates, who was later arrested in a separate incident. In addition to the previously mentioned citation, Writesel was charged with possession of drugs schedule I or II (fifth-degree felony) and illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia (fourth-degree misdemeanor). He was held for six hours and released with a court summons.

Theft, drug charges issued to Jackson man

Date/Time: Wednesday, Dec. 15 at approximately 8 p.m.

Location: Main and Bridge streets, Jackson.

Suspect: William Thomas Yates, 35, Carr Street, Jackson.

Victim: Kroger, 530 E. Main St., Jackson.

Narrative: While on patrol, two JPD officers saw a male (Yates) pushing a Kroger shopping cart on East Main Street near Bridge Street. When asked about the cart, Yates told officers he had permission to use it, though he later admitted that this was false and that he had taken it to get his groceries home. After agreeing to empty his pockets, officers noticed Yates attempting to hide a small, folded piece of paper on the ground. Once opened, it was found to contain a tan powder believed to be fentanyl. Yates was taken into custody and charged with theft (first-degree misdemeanor) and possession of drugs schedule I or II (fifth-degree felony). He was released with a court date. The officers transported Yates’ groceries to his residence and returned the shopping cart to Kroger.

Traffic stop ends in criminal charge for Jackson woman

Date/Time: Thursday, Dec. 16 at approximately 11:19 p.m.

Location: State Street, Jackson.

Suspect: Karin Eugenia Albert, 33, Parkview Avenue, Jackson.

Narrative: While on patrol, a JPD officer witnessed a vehicle driving on Parkview Avenue without any headlights activated. A traffic stop was initiated, and the driver (Albert) was found to have a suspended driving status as well as two active warrants for her arrest, one of which was a PUR-1 warrant out of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. She was placed under arrest. The officer could reportedly see one half of a Suboxone pill inside the vehicle, and later found a Gabapentin pill inside her purse. Albert told the officer she had a prescription for the Suboxone and had the bottle at her residence. As the search continued, the officer located an uncapped syringe in the vehicle’s middle console. Albert later admitted to using the syringe to “shoot” methamphetamine. The vehicle was towed and impounded by Ron’s Garage. At the JPD station, Albert was issued a citation for driving under suspension (unspecified misdemeanor) and was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments (second-degree misdemeanor). After receiving a court summons, Albert signed a Rule-4 waiver for extradition to Franklin County and was taken to a detention facility by Jackson County Sheriff’s Office personnel.

Jackson Mayor reports theft to JPD

Date/Time: Monday, Dec. 20 at approximately 9 a.m.

Location: Harris Street, Jackson.

Victim: Randall L. Evans, 62, Harris Street, Jackson.

Suspect: Tiffany Marie Pauline Malone-Phillips, 28, Main Place, Jackson.

Narrative: JPD Chief Brett Hinsch informed officers that Mayor Randy Evans had sent a video of a female stealing a propane tank from his grill. After watching the video, officers determined that the female was Phillips and proceeded to drive past the location where she was last known to be staying to see what vehicles were present. Officers then ran the license plate number on a silver Kia Soul, which returned to a male with whom Phillips was known to be in a relationship. The video footage reportedly shows a silver Kia Soul pulling into the Evans Center, which is in front of the address in question, and driving to the rear of the building at around 3:50 a.m. that same morning. The vehicle is then seen leaving the property approximately nine minutes later. Phillips was later charged with theft and police recovered the propane tank and returned it to the mayor.

Chillicothe man cited for traffic violations, arrested on multiple warrants

Date/Time: Tuesday, Dec. 28 at approximately 9:37 p.m.

Location: Athens Street, Jackson.

Suspect: Nathan R. Wolford, 29, Hartwood Road, Chillicothe.

Narrative: A traffic stop was initiated after an officer witnessed a vehicle fail to stop at the stop sign posted on Athens Street at the railroad tracks. Dispatch advised the officer that Wolford’s driving status was suspended and that he had multiple warrants for his arrest, one of which was through the JPD. Wolford was cited for driving under suspension (unspecified misdemeanor) and failure to stop at a stop sign (minor misdemeanor). He was then issued a court summons and was transported to the Jackson County Correctional Facility where he was incarcerated on his warrants.

Felony-level theft charge issued to Lucasville man

Date/Time: Wednesday, Dec. 29 at approximately 10:58 p.m.

Location: Walmart, 100 Walmart Dr., Jackson.

Suspect: Jacob James Allen Smith, 22, Smith Perry Road, Lucasville.

Narrative: Officers were dispatched to Walmart after a male (Smith) reportedly pushed a cart full of merchandise out of one of the store’s fire exits without paying. Upon arrival, officers located two Walmart employees standing at the entrance to the nearby JAFE building with the shopping cart full of items. They said Smith was walking up McCarty Lane toward the McCarty Crossing Shopping Center. He was found and apprehended a brief time later. Smith admitted to stealing the items, stating that he was “having hard times” and that he was planning to sell the items. In total, Smith stole 19 items valued at $1,194.23. He was issued a felony-level charge of theft and was released with a court summons.