Both the Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) and the Vinton County Health Department (VCHD) have issued updated status reports on COVID-19 cases in their respective counties.

In its latest report issued on Monday, April 5, JCHD reported a total of 41 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the 10-day period covering Thursday, March 25 through Sunday, April 4 for an average of 4.1 new cases per day. This represented a slight improvement from the most previous report when 17 new cases were reported in the three-day period covering March 22-24 for an average of 5.7 new cases per day.

Another positive development is that the number of active COVID-19 cases in Jackson County has decreased from 20 on March 24 to 13 on April 4. The number of virus-related hospitalizations has remained at three and there have been no new virus-related deaths in the county.

Since the first local COVID-19 cases was reported in Jackson County back on April 7, there have been a total of 2,824 confirmed cases, 192 probable cases, 179 total virus-related hospitalizations, and 59 virus-related deaths.

Vinton County Update

The Vinton County Health Department (VCHD) issued a new report on COVID-19 cases in the county and it revealed there have been five new confirmed cases and new probable case in the five-day period covering Thursday, April 1 to Monday, April 5.

This was a slight increase in the rate of cases when compared to the most previous report when VCHD reported only four new confirmed cases over an eight-day period covering March 25 through April 1. Also, the number of active cases in the county increased from five on April 1 to seven on April 5. There were no new virus-related deaths in the most recent reporting period, but one new virus-related hospitalization was reported while there had been none as of April 1.

Overall, since the first two COVID-19 cases were reported in Vinton County back on April 25, there have been a total of 713 confirmed cases, 86 probable cases and 17 deaths.