The Apple Village Condominium complex, located at 393 E. Huron St., Jackson, is now under new management. As of March 20, longtime owner Harold Howe sold the complex to Jackson residents Marc and Missy Collins.

A bit about the new owners

Marc Collins is a Vinton County native who graduated from Vinton County High School and Buckeye Valley Trade School in 1981. He studied building maintenance while attending Buckeye Valley Trade School and worked alongside his father in the construction industry for several years.

Missy (Griffith) Collins is a Jackson native and graduated from Jackson High School in 1984. She is also a graduate of the Buckeye Hills School of Nursing as well as the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College’s School of Nursing.

Marc and Missy were wed in June 1984. A few months later, in November, Marc left for the United States Air Force. The couple relocated to the Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington in March 1985. After four years of service, Marc was honorably discharged and the two made their way back to Jackson, with Marc becoming an employee of the Piketon Atomic Plant in 1988.

The Collinses have three children – Alicia Orton, Blake Collins and Brooke Meredith – as well as eight grandchildren.

The purchase and beyond

As previously mentioned, the Collinses purchased the Apple Village Condominium complex on March 20 of this year, something the couple had wanted to do for some time.

“We have talked about purchasing an apartment complex for years,” Missy told The Telegram. “The timing and circumstances just fell into place for this to be the right property at the right time.”

Since assuming ownership, the Collinses have replaced the roof on eight buildings, power-washed all buildings, installed closed-circuit television cameras, and upgraded outdoor lighting for improved security. According to Missy, this is just the start.

“We are continuing to do some more landscaping and renovations as apartments open up,” she said. “We are also busy doing maintenance on apartments that require it. We hope to continually improve Apple Village Apartments and help them become a safe, convenient and desirable place for people to live in the Jackson area.”

For more information, check out the Apple Village Apartments Facebook page or call 740-710-1669.