The annual Apple Festival Band Show, which is set to take place Saturday, Sept. 25 beginning at 1 p.m. at Jackson High School’s (JHS) Alumni Stadium, will feature a total of 11 area high school bands, including the Marching Ironmen.

In addition to the JHS Band, the 2021 installment of the event will include performances by the Adena Warriors, the Alexander Marching Spartans, the Granville Marching Blue Aces, the Oak Hill Marching Oaks, the Piketon Rockin’ Redstreaks, the South Gallia Marching Rebels, the Vinton County Marching Vikings, the Waverly Marching Tigers, the Wheelersburg Marching Pirate Band and the Xenia Marching Buccaneers.

Following is a list of the acts each band will be performing at this year’s show:

* Adena – “A Night at the Cinema”

* Alexander – “The Green Day Halftime Show”

* Granville – “Boy Band Show”

* JHS – A performance will be selected from two of the group’s shows entitled “LOVE” and “Disney.”

* Oak Hill – A total of four songs: “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “I Want You Back,” “Hooked on a Felling,” and “Spirit in the Sky.”

* Piketon – “4 The Music of Motown”

* South Gallia – Selections from Mussorgsky, Story and The Rolling Stones.

* Vinton County – Featured selections from the group’s halftime shows for this season.

* Waverly – Featured selections from the group’s halftime shows for this season.

* Wheelersburg – Music from classic movies and television, as well as the school’s fight song.

* Xenia – “Radio XMB 202.2 – Hot Hits!”

The JHS Marching Ironmen Band is led by Director Ryan Hurd, Associate Band Director Sam Koogle, Assistant Band Director Mary-Elizabeth Billman, Percussion Instructor Keith Wilson, Auxiliary Advisor Tiffany Strong, Auxiliary Advisor Ellisha Mannering and Announcer Matt McKee.