The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College hosted a special event on Tuesday, May 24, to announce that the school would be offering a new program.

Sixty years ago, University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College sold a portion of its land to restaurateur, Bob Evans. The Farm was the start of the Bob Evans legacy, and still houses the Bob Evans Restaurant and the homestead. In 2017, a portion of this very same land was donated back to Rio by the Bob Evans Corp.

Ryan Smith, the president of the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College, was excited to announce on Tuesday that this fall that Rio, with collaboration with The Ohio State University, will be offering an Associates in Meat Science degree.

Smith was joined for this announcement by Dr. Kellie Bean, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College; as well as Jackson native Dr. Graham R. Cochran, who is the Professor and Associate Dean for Operations for The Ohio State University, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Dr. Bean spoke about the upcoming program, while Dr. Cochran explained the collaboration with The Ohio State University.

The Associates in Meat Science will give graduates a competitive advantage in seeking jobs in the agriculture industry.Focusing on beef cattle, small ruminant production, and the end products, the program offers students significant hands-on experience with livestock and meat science.

Courses of study include an introduction to beef cattle and small ruminant production, animal welfare and behavior, feeding management, the science of meat cuts and meat quality, and more. 

The program also includes courses in small business management,  providing graduates with the tools they need to successfully manage and operate a farm.

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