An Oak Hill area man was arrested and could face major drug-related charges after he led Jackson Police Department (JPD) officers on a brief vehicle pursuit late Thursday afternoon, June 3 before he was apprehended.

A JPD spokesman reported that Scott Keels, 44, of Jimes Emory Road, Oak Hill, was the male driver involved in the episode. Also, his female passenger, Cassie Cundiff, 37, of Jisco West Road, faces charges as well. Police state that Keels attempted to evade officers after what began as an attempted routine traffic stop in the city. The episode ended in a residential yard on Redondo Drive with Keels being captured moments after he bailed from the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot.

Keels was found to have an outstanding warrant from the Ross County Sheriff’s Office and was immediately arrested. In a subsequent search, officers found multiple baggies of mixed fentanyl and methamphetamine on his person. No charges were immediately filed, pending testing of the suspected drugs. Other traffic-related charges and charges related to his attempts to avoid arrest are expected to be filed as well. All these alleged offenses will likely be bundled into one case and reviewed by the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Cundiff was immediately charged with possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia as fentanyl and a mirror with drug residue were also found on her person. However, the quantity of drugs in her possession was a much lesser amount and police reported she did not attempt to flee when the vehicle pursuit ended and was also compliant with officers.

According to police, the episode began at 5:04 p.m. when officers in a cruiser noticed a vehicle – which was being driven by Keels -- with a hanging muffler which also failed to completely stop for a stop sign at the intersection of Pearl and Church streets. When officers turned their emergency lights on to make a traffic stop after the vehicle turned onto South Street, Keels failed to stop and instead picked up speed. Driving at speeds estimated to be no greater than 40 miles an hour, Keels turned from South Street onto Broadway Street, from Broadway Street onto Pearl Street, from Pearl Street onto South Street, from South Street onto Gay Street, and across Huron Street and Ralph Street onto Redondo Drive. In addition to allegedly breaking the speed limit, Keels also committed other traffic violations along the way.

Soon after Keels turned onto Redondo Drive, he drove his car into a yard at 401 Redondo Drive and attempted to jump out of the car while it was still moving and in the driving gear. Officers were right behind and when Keels failed to stop, an officer fired and struck him with a Taser gun, which is an electroshock weapon. Keels immediately fell to the ground and was compliant after that time.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was called for assistance and deputies were on the scene of Keels’ capture along with police officers.