The Oak Hill Athletic Boosters is reaching out to the Oak Hill School District community and all of its potential supporters to seek financial support to cover the cost of this year’s 4th of July fireworks display, which will be conducted this Saturday, July 4, at 10 p.m.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Boosters will be conducting only a partial 4th of July Celebration, which will be limited to the fireworks display, a parade at 6 p.m. on Friday, July 3, and the operation of the Fish Booth on both July 3 and 4.

Even with the limited activities, the Boosters still must foot the large bill for the fireworks display as well as meet other costs associated with the Celebration. In a Facebook message posted Saturday, June 27, Boosters President Tammy McCain explained that circumstances connected to the COVID-19 situation resulted in the Boosters not being able to raise funds as the organization had planned to do.

McCain says the Boosters will be counting on donations from the public and the proceeds of the Fish Booth to hopefully cover the costs of the fireworks. She stated it was “imperative” to sell all the fish and veals which were purchased for sale in the Fish Booth.

McCain’s Facebook statement attempted to explain the situation to the public. The main portion of her statement was as follows:

“At some point many years ago, the Oak Hill Athletic Boosters absorbed all cost of the fireworks show for the village. Usually the profit from the Fish Booth, activities and business donations is enough to cover the cost of the fireworks with not much left over, but in recent years it has become VERY close to not making it.

“We have discussed amongst ourselves and with other village groups how to change this so that we could actually make some money for all the work that goes into the event, but have simply not made a decision how to go about that yet. This year, we were planning to have some sort of fundraiser in May that was solely to cover the cost of fireworks and then COVID hit and that was no longer a possibility.

“In addition to the fish booth sales, we typically have additional activities to raise money, plus we do a donation drive to area businesses for funds to cover the cost. This year, we will be without both of those things as we made the decision to cancel all events and to not send out donation letters since some businesses have struggled during this crisis.

“The point of all of this is to let you know that without the sale of all of our product and some other ways of collecting donations this year....we will most certainly ‘go in the hole’ for this event. We feel very strongly that it is important to keep this celebration alive and believe that we are blessed to have great support from the community all year at our concession stands and fundraisers and enjoy doing this as a contribution back to the village and our supporters. We just don’t ever want it to take away from our main goal of providing for the athletic teams of OHHS.

“So with that being said, we feel that a little bit from a lot of us can go a long way to getting us where we need to be.”

President McCain then listed three ways in which the public can make financial contributions:

-- There will be a donation box for fireworks which will be at the Fish Booth.

-- Boosters representatives plan to be at the parade with buckets to collect donations.

-- Checks can be mailed and should be made payable to: Oak Hill Athletic Boosters, c/o Tammy McCain, 414 Davis Avenue, Oak Hill, Ohio, 45656.

“Remember every dollar helps,” McCain concluded. “We look forward to seeing you all next weekend.”