A Jackson City Fire Department firefighter is pictured dousing the fire on a sports utility vehicle (SUV) which was completely consumed by flames and billowing black smoke after it caught fire in downtown Jackson Wednesday afternoon, May 11. The fire occurred at approximately 12:34 p.m. on East Main Street just west of the South Street intersection. The Jackson Police Department and the Jackson Fire Department responded immediately to the scene but could not save the vehicle. Fortunately, the driver and owner of the vehicle, Larry Jacobs of Wood Avenue in Jackson, as well as a female passenger, were both able to exit the vehicle safely and successfully. Jacobs told police officers and the firefighters that he was driving when he heard a popping sound, then soon detected smoke. Shortly after they exited the vehicle, it burst into flames. The busy commercial street was completely blocked at the scene for 45 to 50 minutes while the fire was extinguished and some cleanup work was done. (Photo Courtesy of the Jackson Police Department)