The 169 seniors in the Jackson High School Class of 2021 were transformed into graduates in a Commencement Program held Friday evening, May 28, at Alumni Stadium.

Due to COVID-19, the event was ticketed with each graduate being allotted 10 tickets. However, the event was live streamed and posted by the school district’s media team on the district’s website.

The program was held in a steady rain, but the graduates-to-be and other participants in the program didn’t let the weather stop them from completing this important rite of passage. The mission was accomplished when JHS Principal Thad Haines officially pronounced the seniors as graduates.

As always, the main part of the program was the speeches of the 11 valedictorians, who finished their high school careers as the top-academic-ranking students of the Class of 2021. They were: Madison Adkins, Emma Bapst, Ty Broermann, Maycee Burnside, Taylor Evans, Isaac Kuhn, Boston Kuhn, Macon Perrill, Madison Strawser, Jayden Webb, and Owen White.

Superintendent of Schools Phil Howard introduced each valedictorian and recited their accomplishments and post-graduation plans, then held an umbrella to shield each of them from the rain while they read their speeches. Following is a piece of advice each offered for their classmates.

Madison Adkins is the daughter of Robert and Ecstasy Adkins.

Madison’s advice: “While we are celebrating the end of our high school years, I want you  to continue to seek new beginnings. Whether you are going to college, joining the workforce, entering the military, or are unsure of your future, remember nothing is ever too late. You have a lifetime of trial and error ahead of you.”

Emma Bapst is the daughter of Aaron and Mindy Bapst.

Emma’s advice: “I encourage you to join me in the battles against fear, anger and hate. Go through life choosing to enjoy it – choosing to be hopeful, joyful, and loving, choosing to walk by faith and not by sight. As you gaze through the lenses of adulthood, choose to keep learning – and be willing to learn. I encourage all of you to spread your wings and soar far above the waters of uncertainty.”

Ty Broermann is the son of Mark and Amber Broermann.

Ty’s advice: “Great: We can look up that word in the dictionary, but the truth is we are all great in our own way. I, along with 10 of my peers, found that academic greatness. We all have greatness in us; we just need to find the people who bring that greatness to light. That greatness in me was fed and fueled by those who saw that light in me.”

Maycee Burnside is the daughter of Heather and Ric Allison and Brad and Jamie Burnside.

Maycee’s advice: “To be successful, you need to do more than what is required. You have to develop discipline and a remarkable work ethic. You will enjoy doing the acitivites you love, but you need to challenge yourself in order to know how to do tasks that are not as enjoyable.”

Taylor Evans is the daughter of Jason and Angie Evans.

Taylor’s advice: “So, Class of 2021, all of us are about to begin our own book of life that has not yet been written. Every day is a new page that we write oursleves. We have all been given the ink and paper to write our own stories. With the love and support of our families, friends, and high school graduates, I am confident that all of our stories will become best sellers.”

Isaac Kuhn is the son of Phillip Kuhn and Cindi Kuhn.

Isaac’s advice: “Friends, Family, Faith. Three words that over the last year have proven to be far greater in my eyes than any achievement or award. As we stand here ready to graduate and begin the next chapter of our lives, here is my advice to the Class of 21; one day your 11th second will come. Don’t wait until then to find out what’s important.” [The 11th-second is a reference to when Isaac learned he had been named a valedictorian and he realized that other  things were even more important.]

Boston Kuhn is the son of Phillip Kuhn and Cindi Kuhn.

Boston’s advice: “It’s important for us surround ourselves with great people who care about our success. I have been blessed to have been surrounded with people who push me and care about me. I leave my classmates with one piece of advice. Surroud yourself with people who care about you, and want to see you reach your potential,”

Macon Perrill is the son of Christina Perrill.

Macon’s advice: “Graduation day is often where we try to find someone else to look for heroes, but I see them right here among us. In my years at JHS, I have learned that we don’t need to look far to be inspired because we wtiness it every day in those halls. We each have the potential to make an inspiring contrbution to others, by being true to our values and committing ourselves to lofty goals.”

Madison Strawser is the daughter of Jeff Strawser and Jody Young.

Madison’s advice: “I’ve learned that in order to enjoy the big moments in life like tonight, hyou have to have enjoyed all of the small moments leading up to them. I gained a work ethic to soar into college with. I gained the mindset that sometimes you’re going to lose the uphill battle and most importantly, I’ve gained the importance of happiness. As Brene Brown once stated, ‘Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary’.”

Jayden Webb is the daughter of Jack and Lori Webb.

Jayden’s advice: “Our teachers are not the only ones who have made lasting impact on our lives. If you take the time to look around you, you will find that some of the greatest lessons that you have learned were from your peers. We will carry all of these lessons and more throughout our lives and will put them into practice more often than not. Jackson High School may not have been the easiest ride, but it was one that has been and will continue to be worth it. And that is why, ‘Once an Iironman, always an Ironman’ applies to every person that has, is, or will graduate from Jackson High School.”

Owen White is the son of Kim and Ron White.

Owen’s advice: “COVID-19 threatened a large portion of our time in high school, but we’re still having the graduaiton together that we’ve always dreamed of. So why not continue with this mindset? Granted, it’s not easy to anticiapte problems, but it is easy to adapt and overcome them when approaching your dreams. And with this adaptability and motivation, I am certain the Class of 2021 can achieve far beyond what we have in the past four years.”

Following the speeches by the valedictorians, Principal Haines announced the names of each graduating senior, who then came forward to receive their diplomas from one of the five members of the Jackson City Board of Education: President Pat McDonald, Vice President Brian Moore, Kim Harless, Dr. Brian Morris, and Alyce Smith.

List of Graduates

Graduates for the Jackson High School Class of 2021 are as follows:

Chloe Adkins, Madison Adkins, Shailyn Albert, Nicole Allen, Philip Allison, Mallory Anderson, Abigail Ball, Dalton Balzer, Delilah Bapst, Emma Bapst, Tre Barber, Jayvid Barker, Kayla Barron, Madison Baxter, Cortland Bellar, James Bixler, Emily Blevins, Damien Bowen, Sarah Bowman, David Brannan, Morgan Bridges, Ty Broermann, Haydn Brown, Alyssa Buchman, Maycee Burnside, Kyler Camp, Logan Camp, Caitlynn Carlisle, Kaidyn Caudill, Brody Chandler, Taylor Cline, Aisley Coleman, Noah Collins, Krista Cooper, Victoria Cordell, Trent Cosby, Joseph Crabtree, Jacob Criswell, Blake Cross, Dainaka Cruse, Coral Culp, Erma Culwell, Payton Curtis, Ryan Dalton, Jason Davis, Kylie DeFoy, Jordan Dempsey, Jayson Dixon, Claudia Ervin, Landon Erwin, Taylor Evans, Taylor Evans, Brandon Ewing, Austin Eynon, Elizabeth Fannin, Jaley Fischer, Makenna Floyd, Brennan Fraley, Chloe Fryman, Kaeden Fulton, Jastin Galliamore, Collin Ghearing, Cassie Glassburn, Drake Gray, Lydia Greer, Cyrus Grimes, Hannah Haley, Coby Hammer, Braxton Hammond, Charles Haney, Riley Harter, Jacklynn Heath, Justice Hendershot, Kenneth Henry, Jaelyn Hill, Nicholas Hill, Mason Hively, Heather Holbrook, Ryan Holloway, Halle Hughes, Cayden Humphreys, Kelsey Humphreys, Caleb Hutchinson, Tristyn Ingram, Jamie Ireland, Riley Jackson, Alivia Jarvis, Andrew Johnston, Boston Kuhn, Isaac Kuhn, Robert Lemley, Ashleigh Leslie, Madeline Lewis, Braiden Lies, Tatum Lizon, Jada Long, Lonnie Manring, Benjamin Matteson, Paige McCain, Nathaniel McManaway, Gage Mercer, Austin Miller, Hayden Milliken, Caleb Minner, Taylor Music, Eva Naugle, Brandon Nelson, Kaleb Neuburger, John Notter, Hannah Oiler, Jaiden Ousley, Jaylee Parker, Kaycee Perkins, Macon Perrill, Courtney Perry, Elizabeth Perry, Kristopher Pittenger, Gavin Potts, Brittney Presley, Jeremy Preston, Bryce Ramey, Erick Ramirez, Kevin Rice, William Ridgeway, Faith Rife, Grant Rippeth, Aspen Roberts, Caleb Rose, Camryn Rose, Connor Rosenberger, Emily Rouse, Samuel Rowland, Jayden Sales, Isabella Scully-Tenpenny, Olivia Sheward, Kaitlin Simpkins, Dillon Skeens, Jenna Smalley, Lucas Smith, Mackenzie Smith, Ana Soria, Steven Spadoni, Austin Sparks, Mark Spoerl, Sabrina Sprague, Parker Staten, Elijah Stevison, Sierra Stiffler, Aden Strawser, Madison Strawser, David Strong, Devin Strong, Ally Taylor, Devon Thomas, Taylor Thorpe, Macy Tripp, Brandon Webb Jr., Jayden Webb, Pamela Renee Whaley, Owen White, Christopher Whitt, Nathan Wickline, Noah Williams, Davin Wirebaugh, Trenton Wolford, Kaitlyn Wood, Kloe Zink, and Ryan Zinn.