General Website
Why do I have to pay for online content when I didn’t in the past?
The Telegram became a Jackson and Vinton County paper in 2005 and a website was launched in 2008.
Since that time, subscription rates have never changed and we didn’t charge for the website. However,
the cost to produce the news has increased. We have absorbed those costs for a long time but can no
longer afford to. In addition, the software that we were using for the website was the same as it was in
2008 and was outdated and no longer supported. We were required to update to move forward and
there was an additional expense to that. It was evident that for us to continue to provide news to the
community we had to change our fee structure. The decision to make these changes was made in early

Signing In
I clicked on a news story and I got a message that I do not have the proper authority to view that page.
Only current subscribers have access to view the complete website. If you are a current subscriber and
have never logged into the site before or have logged in but are having difficulties with your log in, call
us at 740-286-3023 or use the Contact Us form and we will happily set you up as a user or troubleshoot
your account. If you are not a subscriber, please consider subscribing by clicking the subscribe link.

Changing my subscription
If I select, for example, a one month (non-reoccurring) digital subscription in order to try out the new site,
will I be able to log in at any time via the website and change my subscription to something like a
quarterly or yearly model? Or is this something that needs to be done over the phone or in person?

Once your one-month subscription expires, you can subscribe monthly, quarterly or annually. You can
also change the frequency of your payment plan by filling out the Change My Subscription form on the
My Account drop down tab.

If I decide to sign up for a reoccurring subscription, and then later decide that I no longer want to pay for
the there an easy and convenient way to cancel my subscription online, or will it require a
phone call or in person office visit?

You can change or cancel your subscription by filling out the Change My Subscription form on the My
Account drop down tab.

Where can I find information about my account?
You can access your account on the My Account drop down tab. Here you can change your email
address, user id and password and also see what subscription type you currently have.

How is the eEdition delivered? Will it be something like a downloadable PDF, or will I need to access a
third-party app on my phone/tablet or visit a separate website in order to view it?

The eEdition is a tab on the home page that is linked to a downloadable, printable file.

Mobile Apps
Do you plan to launch a mobile app in conjunction with the new website? Will that be available for both
iOS and Android? Is it available in those respective app stores now, and if so, what is the title of the app?

A mobile app is in the works and will be for both iOS and Android. However, we are still waiting for
approval from Apple and Google. Once the app is available, we will let customers know.

Commenting on Stories
When browsing the required fields on the sign-up/subscription page, I noticed that it asks me to
generate a username. I am assuming that this account, including that username, will be what I use in
order to comment on stories?

Anyone that has access to an article will be able to post a comment. The comment will be submitted
using whatever name is entered.