Wellston City Schools Interim Superintendent Mary Ann Hale, along with the Wellston City Schools (WCS) Board of Education, honored four retirees at their most recent meeting.

During the Monday, May 9 meeting, board members said “goodbye” and honored four individuals with almost 100 years of service combined.

Hale begin by saying, “It’s quite an honor for me to be able to do this.”

The first retiree recognized was Elaine Milliken. She joined WCS on November 7, 1997, as an aide and served in that role for seven years. During the 2004 school year, Milliken moved into a secretarial position at Wellston High School and has owned that spot for the last 18 years.

Asked Hale, “Can Wellston High School survive without Elaine?” She continued, stating, “Thank you, Elaine, for your service to the students and staff of Wellston High School.”

The next retiree was Michelle Walburn. She joined WCS on August 19, 2009, and worked part-time for the next seven years. Walburn became full time as a media specialist for the 2016-2017 school year, serving the Wellston Intermediate/Middle School.

“Thank you, Michelle, for your service to WCS students and staff,” Hale said.

The third retiree was Connie McWilliams. She joined the Food Service Department on August 8, 2002, and has been whipping up meals for the students and staff for 20 years.

“Thank you, Connie, for making sure our students have warm meals at breakfast and lunch,” said Hale.

The final retiree was Lori Cassill. She has been picking up kids for the past 39 years, giving them a smile each morning to start their day off right and delivering them safely to school.

“Many times, the bus driver is the one that can make or break the child's start of the school day in a positive way,” stated Hale. “Thank you, Lori, for your dedication and commitment to Wellston City Schools.”

Hale, along with the board members, thanked each retiree for their dedication and hard work. Each retiree was presented with a wooden bell adorned with “Wellston City Schools,” as well as their respective names and the number of years of service to the school district.