Wellston High School has announced student scholarship recipients from among the 2020 WHS graduating class, as follows:

American Legion – Nicholas Massie, Grant Plummer and Grace Potter.

American Legion Auxiliary/Brad Waldron – Tori Lung.

Sons of the American Legion – Kylee Hendershott and Tessa Browning.

40/8 Nursing Scholarship – Garrett Patton and Josh Bodey.

Atomic Credit Union – Shania Gross, Kylee Hendershott and Grace Potter.

Black Diamond Lodge #538 Scholarship – Kylee Hendershott.

Hozer’s Pizza Scholarship – Kylee Hendershott.

CDH Wellston Growth Scholarship – Grant Plummer and Victoria Lung.

Coal Festival Scholarship – Isabella Womeldorf.

Dick, Joe and Martin Mantz Scholarship – Brice Sizemore and Samantha Colley.

Doris Smith Memorial Scholarship – Taylor Ross.

Mac Crabtree Engineering Scholarship – Kaitlin Miller.

Natalia Burton Scholarship – Samantha Colley.

Francis Newman South School Scholarship – Maddison Sheaffer.

Essman Family Scholarship – Grant Plummer.

Jerry & Charlotte Bobst/Do It Center – Grant Plummer.

Jim Derrow Memorial Scholarship – Josh Bodey and Jordan Carey.

Kiwanis Club Scholarship – Shania Gross.

Max & Susan Hendershott Scholarship – Damica McCarter.

Phil Lewis Memorial Scholarship – Samantha Colley.

Phil Lewis Memorial Volleyball Scholarship – Sierra Layne.

McWilliams Family Scholarship – Kylee Hendershott.

Austin D. Milliken Scholarship – Rylan Molihan.

Nelle Ball Scholarship – Grace Potter and Madison Turner.

Public Safety EMT/WFD Scholarship – Alexis Bouska and Madison Turner.

R.M. Williams Funeral Home Leadership Scholarship – Kylee Hendershott.

WHS Red Cross Scholarship – Tessa Browning, Nic Massie and Grace Potter.

BHCC Red Cross Scholarship – Madison Turner.

Robert Willis Memorial Scholarship – Shania Gross, Nic Massie and Brice Sizemore.

Shelley Ousley Rowe Nursing Scholarship – Tori Lung and Sydney Spencer.

Tony DeCastro Memorial Scholarship – Taylor Ross.

Wellston City Union Employees Scholarship – Tori Lung.

Wellston Alumni Scholarship (UCAN) – Grace Potter.

Wellston Ministerial Association Scholarship – Jordan Carey.

Wellston Study Club Scholarship – Grant Plummer.

Wellston Rotary Scholarship – Tessa Browning, Nic Massie, Rylan Molihan and Garrett Patton.

Harless Family Scholarship – Kylee Hendershott.

Gary Snyder Memorial Scholarship – Tessa Browning.

Golden Rocket Boosters Scholarship – Alexis Bouska.

Golden Rocket Cheer Club Scholarship – Tori Lung.

Johnston-Woolum Family Scholarship – Kylee Hendershott.

Jackson BPW-Faye McCoy Scholarship – Tori Lung.

Jr. Altrurian Women’s League Scholarship – Kylee Hendershott and Nic Massie.

Marjorie Hart Scholarship – Tessa Browning.

Mary Carolyn Hedges Memorial Scholarship – Shania Gross and Josh Bodey.

Mitch Baker WTA Scholarship – Grace Potter and Brice Sizemore.

Wellston Lions Club Scholarship – Madison Turner and Kylee Hendershott.

Elks District Scholarship – Grant Plummer.

Holzer Health System-Science Award – Kaitlin Miller.

Rio Grande Scholarships

Rio Grande Jake Bapst Scholarship – Brice Sizemore.

Rio Grande Milton Banking Scholarship – Kameron Martin.

Rio Grande Edwin Jones Scholarship – Taylor Ross.

Rio Grande Don and Maxine Scott Scholarship – Shania Gross.

Rio Grande Delma L. Roush Scholarship – Alexis Bouska.