February is American Heart Month and the Jackson County Heart Support Group urges everyone to adopt a heart- healthy lifestyle.

This means to exercise regularly; don’t smoke or stop smoking; eat a balanced diet (whole grains, vegetables, fruits); limit salt intake; cut back on sugar; maintain a healthy weight; and make regular physician visits.

“Do your part, take care of your heart!” urged a Jackson County Heart Support Group representative.

The Jackson County Heart Support Group provides assistance to Jackson County residents undergoing treatment for heart-related illness or cancer. The group has helped folks with medical bills, prescription costs, utility bills, travel expenses, and other bills that occur while they are undergoing cardiac or cancer treatment. All money raised by the group is used to help local people.

Group members include President Shirley Stover, Vice President Bobbi Stepp, Treasurer Becky Mayhew, Secretary Kim White, Ronda Daft, Sharon Eubanks, Anne Greene, Tina Wolford, Jean Lloyd and Alyce Smith.

Unfortunately, meetings and fundraisers have been cancelled due to the pandemic. Donations are always welcome (and tax-deductible).

Please mail donations to: Jackson County Heart Support Group, 215 Broad St. Jackson, Ohio 45640. Also, the public is welcome to check out the Jackson County Heart Support Group page on Facebook for additional information.