Many who dabble in the art of creative writing find it difficult to break into the medium. More are simply overwhelmed by the daunting task of creating, both fiction and nonfiction, and give up their projects.

Local author Dillon Bryan has broken those walls to give himself an early start to his writing career.

A sophomore from Jackson High School during this past school year, Bryan penned Legends of Volctor in early May, a 156-page novel that targets the audiences of Marvel and DC comics and movies. The book may also garner interest from many interested action genres and the supernatural. Even the cover of his book, illustrated by artist Shawn Langley, is rich in its roots of older comic books and mysterious heroes.

 “I’ve always wanted to be a writer,” Bryan states proudly. “I love the Marvel movies and that universe, and I wanted to make my own addition along those lines.”

Legends of Volctor follows a 16-year-old boy, Ryan Shoemaker, as he takes up the mantle of a vigilante in crime-infested Venture City. Shoemaker, in addition to learning and controlling the new superpowers endowed to him, is also on a personal quest to investigate and avenge the death of his grandfather, from whom he inherited these powers.

“With coronavirus going on,” Bryan commented, “I wanted to write this story with a theme of self-transformation. Ryan starts powerless.He’s learning more and more as he goes (on his journey). He can eventually bend light and gets stronger throughout the story, but he started with nothing.”

Concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a concept to which many people could relate to today.

To publish a single book is an impressive feat for anyone, but Bryan intends to go further. Legends of Volctor is merely the first installment of a series the young man has planned, all taking place in an alternate universe that possesses its own dormant power.

“I’ll get more into that in later books, Bryan added.

Those interested in Bryan’s tale can find copies of his book on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites under its title. Bryan has also provided a website for readers at