The Jackson Area Festivals and Events (JAFE), along with the United Fund, have announced the first free food giveaway for 2020. It will be held at the JAFE Building on Veterans Drive across from the Jackson Walmart. Food will be given away Saturday, March 28, from 8:30 a.m. until food runs out or at 11 a.m., whichever comes first.

Traffic flow will be the same as the last food giveaway. Please look for signs and directions of entry and flow. Please have some form of ID with your name and current address on it; in case you are asked for it.


*A representative from each family must be in the vehicle. Exceptions for disabled individuals can be made.

*All JAFE members doing registration will be masked and gloved, and all guests may stay in their vehicles throughout the complete process. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

The food list at press time included: Pork loin, cooked ham, sliced deli turkey breast, chicken fajita strips, variety of canned vegetables, vegetable soup, beef ravioli, canned white chicken, apple sauce, tomato sauce, rice, navy beans, pastas, pistachios, trail mix, and possibly fresh fruit. It is advised to arrive early, as there may be limited quantities.