Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the local nursing and rehabilitation facilities have not been able to allow people to visit their loved ones except while looking through their windows.

However, residents and their family members and friends were able to connect in a new and creative way on Tuesday afternoon, June 16 at Four Winds Community, where a large drive-by parade was conducted. The parade was led by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and right behind were vehicles with family members and friends. The procession went through the drive-up circle where they were able to see the residents.

The parade was long and the cars were decorated with balloons and many participants were holding up signs. One of the most creative was from young Liam Wagner who held up a big sign saying, “We love you Grandma.” There were some historic vehicles in the parade as well.

Four Winds Community Activities Director Jamie Howard stated there were 50 or more vehicles in the parade.

Howard noted the residents really enjoyed a change and the chance to get outside and wave to all their friends and relatives. She hopes the restrictions will be lifted soon and normal visiting can resume. However, the drive-by parades proved to be popular and another one may be held in the future. She thanked everyone who participated and who helped to make the day special for the residents.