In its June list of field reports, the Ohio Division of Wildlife released information regarding a wildlife-related violation which occurred in Jackson County.

In April 2021, State Wildlife Officer Ted Witham, assigned to Jackson County, was on patrol at Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area when he located a large pile of dead fish in one of the parking lots. The dead fish were carp and suckers and appeared to have been harvested with bow fishing gear.

The next day, Officer Witham received additional information about this littering case through the Turn In a Poacher (TIP) hotline. As he was attempting to contact the suspect, he received a phone call from State Wildlife Officer Jared Abele, assigned to Vinton County. Officer Abele had responded to the parking lot where the fish had been dumped and had just talked to the suspect.

Officer Witham joined them at the parking lot and spoke to the suspect, who admitted to dumping the fish that were harvested with his bow several nights earlier. He had returned to pick up the fish because he heard that Officer Witham was looking for him.

The suspect was issued a citation for littering on state property. He appeared in the Jackson County Municipal Court and pleaded guilty to the offense. He was found guilty and ordered to pay $385 in fines and court costs. The court also imposed 40 hours of community service to be completed.