Residents of Jackson can boast of local treats such as Ski soda, veals, Michael’s bubbles, and Rowdy’s Smokehouse, all native to the Apple City. Now, a new variety of local claim-to-fame is expanding its presence in the form of D. Kay’s Waffles.

Located behind the First Presbyterian Church on Water Street, the fair-style trailer from which the charming and friendly Hillman family sells their waffles might not, at first, seem congruous of its sky-high Yelp ratings and impeccable service. One trip to their establishment, however, will change the mind of even the most reserved of food aficionados. It has been enough that patrons flock from surrounding states to Jackson, just to get another taste of their waffles.

Present in Jackson since 2019, D. Kay’s Waffles has become more and more a permanent staple of Jackson. Serving French sugar, liege and traditional Belgian waffles with a myriad of styles and toppings, no customer will ever walk away unsatisfied. Barry Hillman, a trained chef whose insistence on making each component of the stand’s offerings from scratch has resulted in delicious, mouth-watering indulgences, and his wife, Chelsea Hillman, were happy to provide The Telegram with an account of their time behind the counter.

“We’re second-generation owners of D. Kay’s Waffles, which was started in 1994,” Chelsea Hillman told The Telegram. “Barry has added on recipes since. Everything we can make from scratch, we do. If we could grow fruits for our toppings and make them that way, we would, as well.”

D. Kay’s Waffles is also popular in the traveling circuit, making appearances throughout the country in festivals, fairs, and other large public gatherings. “We started with going to about 80 events (per year),” said Chelsea Hillman, “and then COVID-19 happened. It really turned 15 years into five and five years into one. Just by a happy accident, we started to spread the word in Jackson, and we’ve gotten such a great response back from the community here. We’ve really enjoyed the Apple Festival and meeting all the good people of Jackson.”

While the Hillmans have made plans to go back on the post-pandemic event circuit, D. Kay’s Waffles will keep its current presence in Jackson, opening on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Plans are in the making for a permanent store or, preferably, a café, but Barry Hillman was adamant in his declaration that D. Kay’s Waffles was in Jackson to stay. Additionally, the Hillmans were pleased by their warm reception into the city’s business community.

“We’re a small business just like many others,” said Barry Hillman. “We need to, and we will, all help one another out.”

We look forward to what the Hillmans will bring to Jackson and implore the community that has not yet reached out to their business and their pleasant company to do so! For more information on business hours and food offerings, visit the D. Kay’s Waffles Facebook page or their website at