To the Editor:

Our flag is the sign of faith and strength, of our hope and charity – much of which is needed in this world. So, open up your heart, mind and eyes. Feel, think and see the true meaning of the red, white and blue.

The stripes are for the many scars and wounds after battles of all men, for all the loved ones lost in wars that can never be reclaimed. The stars are for jobs well done, for bravery and victory as they wave in the air. The colors are signs of loyalty, virtue, faith and truth. Old Glory has a special meaning for all humans on this Earth. If you have an urge to misuse this, think again about where you would rather live.

Our flag, by itself, has a spiritual meaning alone – the love can care for one and all and the humbleness of man. If it had not been for the caring, the tears, sweat and blood, and for God’s love, you, nor I, would be living in the U.S.A!

Search yourself and think about how the people are behaving in this world since the attack on the White House, on Jan. 6. The world needs a savior. It can go to Hell at any time, but it can go to Heaven only once!


Velma Pendleton

North Market St., McArthur